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Is your boiler ready for the winter?

We depend more and more on boilers to be warm and comfortable as winter draws near. It is essential that we properly maintain our central heating systems in order to guarantee that they operate at their best during the winter. We'll go over the essential procedures for getting your central heating system ready for winter in this in-depth guide so that no matter the outside weather, your house will always be warm.

How to prepare your boiler for the winter

how to prepare your boiler for the winter

Get your boiler serviced

Maintaining a comfortable and dependable central heating system all winter long requires routine boiler maintenance. If you haven't scheduled a boiler service this year, you may easily schedule one by calling us on 07891 817026, 01246 912132 or 01433 410213.

Our expert heating engineers in Sheffield and Chesterfield will carefully clean every part of your boiler and evaluate its performance during a boiler service. To keep your boiler under warranty, even if it looks to be operating well, you usually need to have an annual service performed.

Insulate Pipes

The process of condensation can leave standing water in the external condensate pipe of your boiler during the winter, which could lead to freezing and interfere with the boiler's function. Insulate your pipes and keep the heating temperature consistently low to avoid this problem. If the pipe does ice, you can defrost it by covering it with a small amount of warm water.

Check the Pressure in Your Boiler

Ensuring that your boiler is operating at the proper pressure is crucial to its effectiveness. Thankfully, increasing the pressure in your boiler is an easy and fast process. Consult a Gas Safe registered engineer if the pressure is higher than the advised range. On your boiler's pressure gauge, the normal range for pressure is one to 1.5 bar.

Bleed radiators

The appropriate operation of radiators is essential for the efficient operation of central heating. Lower-feeling radiators are frequently a sign of trapped air, which lowers the efficiency of your central heating system.

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To schedule a boiler service in Chesterfield or Sheffield, call us on  07891 817026, 01246 912132 or 01433 410213 and we'll be happy to help.